Dramas etc.

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A Glacier Story

Another creative APV drama: The animals in the jungle are dying of thirst. They decide to propitiate the forces of nature to help bring water to dry lands. Watch what happens!!

Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly sets the rhythm for the entire school day. Students observe nature, meditate, sing and share stories and dramas as an entire community. Watch and listen to our children’s experiences of Morning Assembly.

The Mystery of the Banana Garden

Watch the Mystery of the Banana Garden. A natak performed by Class 5 (Shanti Maam) that shares important ideas of morality, law and order in a way that is meaningful to children.

Vegetables Vegetables – Teacher’s Drama

Teachers have taken on the practice to show their own spoken English dramas to children in Morning Assembly. What has ensued is children begging teachers to show dramas everyday as they are stimulating to laugh and learn at the same time. Teachers also feel empowered to speak English, some of them not having any English language experience in the past

American Garhwali Dance Off

[ release date: Aug 12, 2011 ]
[ runtime: 08:28 ]

Drama: The Fish Who Grew too Big For His Lake

4th graders at APV School, learn english through musical drama, while teaching about vegetarianism. Performed for students and staff from the Sanskriti School, when they visited us on April 16th, 2011.

music & lyrics: John Van Rooy
camera & edit: Nicole Jaquis (<a href=”http://www.relativelylocal.com target=”_blank”>relativelyLocal</a>)
4th grade teacher: Shanti Mamgain
[ release date: Aug 12, 2011 ]
[ runtime: 07:51 ]