Teacher Sponsorship Program

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Teacher Sponsorship Program

A model of teaching where teachers live, learn and work together makes APV a unique place of light in this world. The commitment and dedication to knowing oneself first, and using this knowledge to promote creativity and the thirst for learning in children is truly a movement towards innovative education. Coupled with the societal demands and pressures that are faced by these teachers, making the decision to live in a mindful community such as APV requires courage and fortitude.


We at APV are excited to share the lives and stories of these amazing people, who, with their own self-knowledge, the guidance of Anand sir, and the support of the community, now need your support as well. These teachers receive minimal and sporadic salary in gross comparison to other government schoolteachers who receive a salary of over 40,000 Rs./month regardless of how effective they are in the classroom. While teachers have made the commitment to live at APV, there is still the reality of family burdens to send money home and support other members. What often ensues is the inability to continue on this path, regardless of one’s personal and meaningful desires to learn and educate themselves in what it means to be human and learn with children.

We ask that you get to know our teachers and their reasons for being here at APV. Through APV’s Teacher Sponsorship Program, you can help support their livelihoods to continue expanding and growing their own potentials as educators. Through your donation, teachers will also be able to continue their studies both at APV, and in higher education. To sponsor a teacher for one year would require only $1530 or 84,000 Rs (7000 Rs/month). To make a donation, please contact: [email protected]