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Here at APV we want you to experience the magic of what happens on the ground in our school, and the culture and majestic environment of the rural Himalayas. Through our mindful ecotourism initiative, Simply Himalaya, you can experience us in a variety of ways!

1. Volunteer/Seva retreats at our school

2. Yoga & Mindfulness retreats

3. Mindful Trekking

4. Village Homestays

5. Teachers’ training in progressive and mindful education

6. Student trips and internships


Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people to witness the peace within in the Himalayas through mindful  practices and discover themselves. The idea came into being from the desire to provide relevant, fearless and mindful learning for the innocent children of the rural Himalayas. Through this initiative, we want to share our experiences of the culture of the Garhwali Himalayas and the struggles and challenges of being a mountain person. Most of the support generated through the mindful tourism program will go towards sustaining our school.


We are located 35 km north of the confluence of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Rivers at Devprayag, which form the Ganges. Our school is within the Sri Bhuveneshwari Mahila Ashram in the town of Anjanisain, Tehri Garhwal. Our children come from the nearby villages of Bansoli, Koti, Karas, Kantholi, Sainkarisain, Ghogos, Andrethi and Mingwali. We are located at an elevation of approximately 6000 feet.

Himalayan Culture

The Himalayas are known for their strong cultural heritage. People still live with a community mindset in the villages where they share all aspects of life from birth to death. Women are mostly housewives and farmers as well as cattle and buffalo herders. Men usually leave their homes to find work in the cities or abroad and rarely come home so women are left to take care of all aspects of life here. Our area is a unique example where Hindus and Muslims live in harmony by participating in each other’s cultural events and sharing in festival traditions. Two major events that take place near us are the Navratra Festival at the famous Chandra Badini Temple for 9 days twice a year in months of April and October. People coming to visit the pajari (mountain) region can feel safe to walk here for miles without encountering any fear of being hassled by others; rather they can expect to be warmly welcomed into people’s hearts and homes.