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Although we have different kinds of text books we treat them as reference material. Teachers plan their lessons and children come up with a variety of questions – these generate the real syllabus which is never is fixed. We make sure, however , that the children are ready for the Govt. board exams.

We don’t give grades or marks. Instead we write a detailed evaluation report for each child touching on the character creativity and rational skills of the child.

Whole-brain approach:
We try to address the entire person of the child. The logic and the creative sides are integrated. The body and the senses are not ignored in the learning process and the child is guided to be aware of his/her own mind with all the thoughts, images and emotions that move through out .

Children are helped to explore not only the external world but also the internal world. Self-awareness helps them to gain a better balance between body and mind and to contract the infinite source of intelligence within.

We create our own songs. Music for us is a way of exploring our worlds-inner and outer – through feeling –inner and nurtures social awareness leading to a deep community bonding.

Children’s Government:
Children form 6 families. Each family has children from all the grades and governs for one week day. The family lays the assembly, washes the toilets, settles disputes, fetches drinking water and so on.

Sustainability & Income Generation:
The school plans to become self-sufficient within the next five years. The teachers and the children have already started generating funds through trainings. We now want to go into production of hand made greeting cards, handicrafts, and the production of books and song CD’s for sale.