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Who Are We?

We are a mindful community nestled in the Indian Himalayas, in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. We live, meditate, farm, trek, make music and run a school together.
APV School is a model school and teacher training center dedicated to providing a holistic, mindful and inclusive educational experience to the children of Uttarakhand.
Watch this short video introducation to APV School and its sister organization, Simply Himalaya. Video generously made by: Christopher Witschy, 2014-15 AIF Clinton Fellow

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At the end of summer 2004, funding for the school dried up entirely and all of the SBMA teachers were transferred. Cyril ji then gave full responsibility of the school to Anand Ji and Mohan as long as they could find their own funding and staff. They took the challenge, finding a teaching corps of young individuals who were inexperienced in the field of teaching yet dedicated and interested in bringing new ideas and energy into the outdated norms of

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Weeding the Field and Sowing the Seeds

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When Anand ji returned to Anjanisain, he found that the SBMA school was overgrown with many of the same weeds that plague most mainstream schools: apathetic teachers, militaristic standing assemblies, rigid student/teacher relationships, uncreative curriculum and teaching methods, enforced uniforms, etc. Anand ji, Mohan, and Marc were given grades 1 through 4 to teach, while the standard teachers kept the remainder. The three went to work attempting to introduce their holistic pedagogy utilizing creative outlets, such as song, dance, and

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Garhwali Merengue

Published on May 15, 2011, by in featured, videos.

Dance Class- girls in grades 6-9 at APV School. choreography: John Van Rooy music: “A pedir su mano”-Juan Luis Guerra camera & edit: Nicole Jaquis (relativelyLocal) [ release date: May 13, 2011 ] [ runtime: 03:12 ]

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