Link Syllabus Initiative

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As all rivers flow eventually into the sea, all thorough inquiries into cause expand to coalesce into the same question, no matter the starting point. ‘Why?’ is a child’s favorite question; every new phenomena demands it. And no matter the answer given, the child is not satisfied; ‘why?’ can always be asked again, the lens widened. The rivers are always filling the sea, and yet the sea is never filled. So the question of ‘why?’ reaches further at each causal link, until eventually the question grows so large that it becomes empty, without a subject, the asking of why there is anything- why we are anything. Embedded in the small question of ‘why?’- ‘Why are there seasons?’ ‘Why do tigers eat other animals?’ ‘Why are there continents?’- is the child’s desire for justification, not mere explanation, for the child is never satisfied with explanation- ‘Well, then why do we eat?’, they ask next. ‘Why is there an Earth?’ Each question inches inexorably closer to that one that swallows all others. The river of facts ends at the sea of philosophy. And this is the manner in which the link syllabus operates, existing simultaneously in total freedom and strong teleology. There is no prescribed syllabus, no schedule for the year or the month or even the week- teachers can come to class with a number of potential lessons, and let the students dictate which they will do. Yet this flexibility exists within the understanding, in fact emerges from the understanding, that no matter the exterior subject the fundamental thing under consideration, the nexus through which all of these subjects transit, remains the same; the self, and its place in the world- the consuming, leviathan question ‘Why am I, is anything, here?’ The link syllabus is predicated on the notion that all subjects are connected to each other- science to history, mathematics to science, history to literature, and vice-a-versa- and that all subjects are connected to the self. Therefore in the link syllabus there is no anxiety over schedule; if the teachers and the students remain alert to the interconnectedness of these subjects, how they actually exist in the world, then each will eventually lead to each. Pick any river, and you will reach the sea.


In the Link Syllabus Initiative, we have collected conversations with Anandji as well as video tutorials and lessons to attempt to illustrate more fully how the link syllabus functions here at APV.