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Having a mindful gaze at the horizon.

We believe in learning from practical experiences rather than relying on borrowed ideas. We think every one would agree with the notion that education should prepare children to create a better society and harmonious world. We believe that we first need to create a kind of mini world where we can practice the values we believe in. This is what led to the creation of our mindful community, where the teachers of APV live, learn, work, cook, farm and trek together in a mindful way.

 Our values

We believe that the division between personal and professional is the root cause of suffering in the modern world. 

When we talk about a harmonious world we envision a society where there is cooperation, compassion, sharing, no hierarchy, equal distribution of resources and a deep spiritual focus where money and materials are seen just as physical aids rather than having any intrinsic values.

The question is how do we know that these values are going to be practicable or possible? What people need is a community where they can learn, practice and deeply experience all these values.  Only then can we gain the confidence and strength to practice them where ever we go. We started a community for this very reason- to practice these values  and then to implement them in our school so that children can carry these values into their lives and the world.