Weeding the Field and Sowing the Seeds

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When Anand ji returned to Anjanisain, he found that the SBMA school was overgrown with many of the same weeds that plague most mainstream schools: apathetic teachers, militaristic standing assemblies, rigid student/teacher relationships, uncreative curriculum and teaching methods, enforced uniforms, etc. Anand ji, Mohan, and Marc were given grades 1 through 4 to teach, while the standard teachers kept the remainder. The three went to work attempting to introduce their holistic pedagogy utilizing creative outlets, such as song, dance, and art, and stressing a full brain approach to learning. The eyes of the other teachers, SBMA staff, parents, and even the children themselves blazed down upon them like the intense midday sun scrutinizing their every move. But they nevertheless endeavored in their objectives and celebrated the small successes. It became apparent to Anand ji that he would have to stay for a longer period of time to enact any substantial, long term change. But despite the many challenges, Anand ji felt optimistic about the initial foundation set by himself and colleagues. He committed for another 6 months.