The Spreading of Seeds

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APV is slowly changing the minds of those that doubted the pedagogy from the beginning. Recently, SBMA staff has accepted that the APV pedagogy is the right direction for education in Uttarakhand and has fully supported APV in working with government schools to bring about change. The community has also started to embrace the school. With money coming in by way of teacher’s trainings and consultancies, APV has started a community fund in order to support the families of the students who are in need and to bring the community into their children’s education. Recently, the government has also expressed encouragement for the APV school and philosophy: Pandey ji, the Director of Education, the highest governmental post in Uttarakhand’s education system, has visited the APV school and voiced his excitement in the program and future support.

As this is being written, APV is working with 24 government schools through teacher and student workshops. Through APV’s previous workshops, it was discovered that many government teachers do not competently know many of the concepts that they are suppose to teach their children and they conveyed that they were not entirely willing or had enough energy to learn. In addition to this, there is typically one or two teachers for 40 + students, a ratio that makes it virtually impossible to give adequate attention to the children. Thus, APV’s approach to the workshop is to empower the older children, who contain boundless energy and interest, to aid in educating the younger students, a concept that has been enacted in the APV school. This student/student teaching scheme has been embraced by student and teacher alike and hopefully will set the foundation for true change in the overarching educational system.

The aforementioned workshops are primarily run by APV students, a promising direction for the APV school, seeing that the future of APV’s ideas lie in the hands of the students. The educator’s role is to merely nurture the child’s development, bringing out their true potential, much like how a gardener or farmer would tend to their field. To make use of APV team’s aforementioned experience with the grass field as an metaphor, we should view the world as a large field and its grass a symbol of a vibrant, positive society. There is potential for a lush green field, but in reality the vast majority of the field lays barren maybe with a few brilliant disjointed patches of green. There have been many groundskeepers who have tried a plethora of techniques to create a great field, but all have fallen short. To bring about a lush field, the seeds must be continually tended to and given the right amount of nourishment; soil, water and sunlight (or for the child, community, love, and mindfulness); so that the seed can develop and flourish on its own. With time for growth and maturation, they will spread their seeds and soon the field will organically develop into a beautiful field. Likewise, as APV students grow and mature, it is APV’s intention that they will spread these ideas with their actions and interactions with others influencing their families and communities to live more intelligent lifestyles.