Found Sound Nation remixes APV

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found sound nation's meditation guide

FoundSound co-director Chris Marianetti spent the month of July 2009 living, working, teaching and studying at the Ashram Paryavarn Vidhyalaya School (APV) in the northern Indian Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. The project was directed by Marc Alongi and Anand Dwivedi and sponsored by the Himalayan Mindful Learning Project. Chris says “Our initial goal was to setup a small sustainable recording studio at the school and to introduce APV teachers to various music composition and production elements. We used Ableton Live to do this. I worked primarily with two teachers, Naresh Bhai and Mohan Panwar Singh. The resulting project was more interesting and complex than I had expected. Combining field recordings we made of APV and surrounding towns, studio recordings we produced of tabla, harmonium, flute, and mouth percussion, with Anand Dwivedi’s discussions on meditation and education, we created what could be described as both a half an hour long dynamic guide to meditation, as well as a sonic portrait of the life and world of the ashram.”


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