Mohan Panwar, Anand Dwivedi, and Marc Alogi

in the beginning

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left to right: Mohan Panwar, Anand Dwivedi, and Marc Alongiphoto by: nicole jaquis
For many years Shree Bhuvneshwari Mahila Ashram (SBMA) had been running a widely respected school on its Anjanisain campus. But by 2003, the SBMA School had experienced shortages in funding which threatened the future of the school and dramatically affected the quality of education being delivered by the teachers. Cyril Raphael, SBMA Secretary, Mohan Panwar Singh, a long time SBMA employee, and Marc Alongi, a Service Corp Fellow from the American Indian Foundation, grew frustrated by the situation in the school and decided to take initiative in bringing about change. The three traveled to Dehradun to talk with Anand Dwivedi, an educationalist, about the possibilities of actualizing some of his ideas about holistic education. Anand ji had previously worked for SBMA publishing a handful of books about alternative teaching methods but had since left to pursue other interests. After many in-depth discussions, Anand ji became impressed by the seriousness, honesty, and dedication that he saw in Mohan and Marc’s desire to revolutionize the education system. Anand ji agreed to come to Anjanisain for a ten day consultancy.